English Ceilidh (ECeilidh)

Ceilidh Publicity System

There are a number of sites such as Webfeet and of course, Google that help people find English Ceilidh events. Many are maintained "by hand" and the more sophisticated sites use robots to scour the web looking for information. Reliably finding and extracting this information from the plethora of websites out there is complex, time consuming or both. It seems to work but actually is a lot less accurate than it could be.

Many of these sites are preferring to use "Structured Data" which is hidden code in web pages that helps the robots find stuff. Putting that hidden code on web pages is a bit complex so we've built a system to do it for you.

The Ceilidh Publicity System:

It does this by:

More about how it works

Example of a Google searchHere's a typical Google search on a smartphone (Desktop computers typically get different results). You'll notice it shows details of a ceilidh as a result of it being on the Ceilidh Publicity System. That's because Google has the information in the right format. That's what this system is about!

OK, let's go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does it cost anything?
A1: No :-)

Q2: Can I use it for other events such as concerts, Salsa or other kinds of dance?
A2: Please don't do that yet. We've optimised the system for English Ceilidh because we understand it so well. In time, we may offer a service tailored for other genres We're also considering releasing the code so that other people can build systems for other types of event that we don't understand at all.

Q3: What's the difference between this and "Search Engine Optimisation"?
A3: SEO costs money and is offered by companies that don't understand a particular business or hobby. We're free and really understand English Ceilidh

Q4: I submitted my event and nothing seems to have changed on Webfeet, Google, etc.
A4: It can take Google at least a week to update. Webfeet updates every few days unless its human is away dancing somewhere :-)

Q5: My event was listed but now it's disappeared???
A5: Past events are automatically removed. Occasionally people put up events which are not English Ceilidh and we remove them to prevent the public getting confused.