English Ceilidh (ECeilidh)

Dance to Black Sheep with ??? presented by Big Custard Events and Gatherings

A rural community fundraiser for Winterborne Stickland Sports and Community Club and a celebration of all things from Winterborne Valley. The people, countryside, food, music and dancing. This is about having a great afternoon and evening with your friends and family from near or far. There will activities for all ages and as much as we can for free. If you would like to run a stall or sell your produce get in touch! If you have art you would like to show please get in touch. If you can offer a few hours volunteering for gathering sponsorship, raffle prizes, ideas...anything...please, get in touch.
Band: Black Sheep
Caller: ???
Organiser: Big Custard Events and Gatherings
Location: Winterborne Stickland Sports and Community Centre, Winterborne Stickland Hegde , Winterborne Stickland , Dorset , DT11 0NT
Date/Time: Saturday, 5 May 2018 2:00pm to 5:00pm
Price: See https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/dance-to-the-beet-barn-dance-farmers-fete-and-makers-market-tickets-44060813078

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What is "English Ceilidh"? - a quick guide

It's what used to be called 'country dancing' or 'barn dance' but nowadays tends have better, more varied music (often 'folk') and is danced with more energy and skill. A 'caller' explains each dance, walks you through it and paying attention at that point will get even the complete beginner through the dancing
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