English Ceilidh (ECeilidh)

Dance to Bristol Ceilidh Quartet with Hannah Moore presented by Ruff Ceilidhs

The Bristol Ceilidh Quartet brings together three experienced English folk fiddlers and a fab cellist to make a big string sound with loads of energy and drive. The band take great tunes and create exciting arrangements exploring the dynamic range of the string quartet. This isn’t serious classical music though, all the musicians have spent many years playing for traditional dance; every tune is calculated to get feet tapping and people on the dance floor.
Band: Bristol Ceilidh Quartet
Caller: Hannah Moore
Organiser: Ruff Ceilidhs
Location: CMC Sports and Social Club , University Hospital of Wales, Heath Park, Cardiff,
CF14 4XW
Date/Time: Saturday, 27 October 2018 8:00pm to 11:30pm

What is "English Ceilidh"? - a quick guide

It's what used to be called 'country dancing' or 'barn dance' but nowadays tends have better, more varied music (often 'folk') and is danced with more energy and skill. A 'caller' explains each dance, walks you through it and paying attention at that point will get even the complete beginner through the dancing