English Ceilidh (ECeilidh)

Dance to The Diatonics with Emma Wooders presented by Meltdown English Ceilidhs

Another of Meltdown's favs! Wonderful driving band and a really super bunch of peeps to finish off our 2018 dances. Remember too, that it's the now-traditional CHRISTMAS Black and/or Reds dress code for that Party feel - for as many as will! So, comfortable, sparkly or just plain silly - dress for the occasion and impress us :)
Band: The Diatonics
Caller: Emma Wooders
Organiser: Meltdown English Ceilidhs
Location: Clair Hall, Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath, Sussex, RH16 3DN
Date/Time: Saturday, 15 December 2018 8:00pm to 11:15pm
Price: £13/£11 Concs. £5 Student Special (Under 25 in full-time education) £30 Family (2A + up to 3 kids.
Contact: 01273 541453

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What is "English Ceilidh"? - a quick guide

It's what used to be called 'country dancing' or 'barn dance' but nowadays tends have better, more varied music (often 'folk') and is danced with more energy and skill. A 'caller' explains each dance, walks you through it and paying attention at that point will get even the complete beginner through the dancing
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