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Calling English Ceilidh

Once again, my thanks to Gordon Potts for permission to share some material

Some calling gigs I stagger off stage feeling as if there's bits of me smeared all over the venue, with my heart hammering, and the sound knowledge that I'm going to be useless for the next 2 days. Quite often I go away & throw up. (These are quite often seen as reasonably good gigs by band and audience) Some playing gigs I go to knock down the kit wondering why I bothered loading it up - it takes nearly 2 hours - and trying to work out why the gig didn't get a man with a hat and a record player. And (most importantly) other times i step down from the stage wondering how much I'd pay to do the show again. Money's always nice, but i'd hate to do this for a living. I'm physically & mentally incapable of doing - say - 50 gigs a year. I'd kill me, if i called that often, and i couldn't face loading and unloading the kit that often, if we were playing. File under amateur, i guess.

On the relaxing side of things, it was right nice last night to be calling for Peeping Tom at their home gig at Masseys Tractor Factory (as i call it, apparently). The last twice I've worked with the band in black it's been the big band at prestigious events, which is fun but stressful, with Tom playing to fixed arrangements and so forth. Great fun, and an honour and all that, but, for me, the band are at their best when they're dragging stuff out from their (simply immense) back catalogue and just working out on it. Party music it most certainly is, and grand to dance to, but there's an unpretentious sort of ...well...dignity isn't too strong a word when a band can play from such a depth so easily, tho' it's not a word you'd normally use talking about a bunch of arrogant/self deprecating folk-rockers. Long may they continue (so long as they *don't* play "When Johnny Comes Marching")

Mr Harvey will be banging out his inimitable dance style at the next Massey's first Thurs in Feb. I'd consider it unmissable if i was in travelling distance.

If you don't know the show, the audience is sort of hard eCeilidh to studentvolktanzefangruppe flat out all the way. Really stay away if that's not what you like. It's not very compromising. Good gig, if you're me.

Just had my first drink this year....