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Cheap Insurance for EC Performers

Caution/Disclaimer: I'm not an insurance expert or lawyer. Absolutely no warranty that any of this is up to date or correct. It was compiled from various postings to the list in Summer 2005 (Thanks to various contributors)

Who needs insurance? Why?

Andrew Sharpe, (who sues people for living writes): PL (Personal Liability) insurance absolutely; also business use on your motor policy. If you're using your car to drive to gigs you may not have valid insurance. Note if you do barns they will not have PL insurance. You need your insurance to chase off the "try ons" and pay up if you've maimed someone.

Where to get it?

According to Brian Heywood...

There are two simple ways to approach this (at a cost, but that's life).

 - affiliate your band to the EFDSS and take advantage of their £2 million PLI coverage and bask in the

   knowledge that you are helping keeping the EFDSS afloat. this can be upgraded to £5 million if required

  (more cost I'm afraid).

- join the MU and you get £10 million pounds personal coverage.

>The first option can be used to cover a band (regardless of the personnel) and the second gives you personal coverage which means you are covered if you 'dep' with other bands and are unsure of whether they are covered by PLI."


Fee Lock mentions....

Musicians Insurance Services

PO Box 12122

Cannongate House

Firs Parade


Derbyshire DE4 3RU
Tel 01629.7601401
Tel 0845.345.7529
Fax 0870.365.7529

Comment from Baz Parkes

"It is not expensive - much less than the money from one gig"

Phil Preen says...

"The best deal I found was EFDSS. Membership is cheaper than the MU and you can join as a band, I think it only cost just over forty quid. You get £2M PLI coverage and it covers anyone in the band including deps, although it does only cover events with up to 200 people."