English Ceilidh (ECeilidh)



We have a forum - actually an email discussion list with a narrow focus on English Ceilidh. Please remember this narrow focus and do not post stuff that is not directly related to English Ceilidh. Do not assume that we must also be interested in folk song, Bulgarian dance, morris dancing, contras, etc. See below for Better Places to post non-English Ceilidh stuff 

You may want to post something not directly related to English Ceilidh but you're sure it will interest us all. If it's about sex, you might be right but it's still "off topic" - so don't do it :-)


Better Places to post non-English Ceilidh stuff

Q. What can I post to the list? What's "on topic"?

Q. Can I advertise?

A. No but you can Announce Examples:

An advert persuades and contains adjectives like "best", An announcement informs. However, don't go overboard and "inform" us how Folk Roots described the band. Leave respected dancing members of the list post comments about their experience. It's more useful. 

Don't forget to mention the date of events you announce

Q. Ok, I want to "inform" about a ceilidh. How often is it acceptable to repeat myself?

A. Once. We suggest announcing 2 months and 2 weeks before the event.

Q. Can't I advertise just a little bit?

A. Ok. Your signature (I.E., the bottom of your messages) can be up to 5 lines of anything. Like this:

John Doe - Ceilidh-on-Thames
Master Dancer
07000 000000

How does it work?

It used to be just an email list. Messages were delivered to members email boxes and if you wrote a message to a special email address, your message was distributed automatically to all the members. That facility is still available but you can also see the messages on a web page and post messages there too.

Making an Entrance: How Do I Join?

Send blank e-mail to eceilidh+subscribe@googlegroups.com or click here

How do I hear what's going on?

Just read your e-mail as normal. You may find it convenient to filter mail to and from eceilidh@googlegroups.com; into its own folder if your e-mail program and brain can cope. You can also read the forum online

How do I respond to something I just read?


Hit "reply" in your e-mail program, type away and then Send. Check the To box on your screen. It should say eceilidh@googlegroups.com which means everyone will see what you say. Change it to the e-mail address of an individual if that's more appropriate.

How do I say something?

Start a new message to eceilidh@googlegroups.com in your e-mail program, type away and then Send.

Final Polka: How Do I Leave?

Send blank e-mail to eceilidh+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com

Can I see what happened on the list months ago?

Yes, it's all here




The most common problem is where you have two or more email addresses. If you have joined ECeilidh with one email address and try to interact with ECeilidh via a different address, you will get error messages. That's because the technology can't tell the difference between one person with two addresses and two different people with one address each.

GMail users are often logged into a GMail account without realising it and this conflicts with their ordinary email account. What to do: